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Developing leaders’, executives’ and entrepreneurs’ talents.

Talents Awake advises managers, executives, leaders and entrepreneurs as well as organizations (companies, charities, schools) in their transformational strategies, through 4 unique training experiences.



You are not born a manager, you become one. This training program provides managers (whether they have been in their position for a long time or have recently been appointed) with operational and relational tools to enable them to develop the skills and know-how required. Our objective is to enable them to lead and support their teams in times of crisis or in a context of transformation.

Tools Hogan
Offer Training, individual coaching
Duration 1 to 3 days
Format Hybrid / Face to face / Online


We all have a leadership identity within us but few of us are able to federate around a common vision. Regardless of your profession and status, this immersive experience helps you build effective and sustainable strategies for you and your ecosystem, in contexts of change or transformation: definition of your footprint, development of team projects,
taking up an expatriate position.

Tools Appreciative Inquiry
Offer Seminars, conferences, workshops, collective coaching
Duration 5 days
Format Face to face (follow-up online)


Through this immersive journey, you will experience the Leadership of Alliances© and the way it can be implemented, whether it is for an individual or for a team. What posture, what state of mind to adopt to serve a project? How to capitalize on the relational intelligence, the talents and the plural experiences of a team? The Ally Experience allows you to move from a “service provider” posture to a real “partner” one, and from being a Leader to being an Ally.

Tools Appreciative Inquiry, collective intelligenc
Offer The Alliance Conference, Facilitation seminars
Duration 5 days
Format Face to face


A tailor-made training that integrates formats adapted to your context and your priority issues, in order to best meet your needs in an innovative and sustainable manner.

Tools Narrative practices
Offer Original TV programs and/or podcasts
Duration > tailor-made
Format > tailor-made

The Talents Awake experience: four newsletters in a month, to introduce you to the Leadership of Alliances©, the programs and tools implemented by the teams of trainers.

"The Alliance Conference"

Léocadie Ebakissé's signature conference on the Leadership of Alliances© and how it can be driven and deployed, on an individual and collective scale, in order to put everyone's skills and talents to serve a collective project.

  • A 45-minute conference written and directed by Léocadie Ebakissé
  • Intervention onsite (companies, associations, schools)
  • Introduction to your tailor-made events

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