Talents Awake develops the influence of leaders and their organisations by highlighting their projects, presenting TV programmes and podcasts, and creating, hosting and moderating dedicated events.

Expert moderation
(institutional events)

Animation and moderating debates and panels, either face-to-face or online: depending on your needs, we co-create the main themes of the round table, and prepare the speakers in advance of the meeting to ensure concrete, solutions-oriented and interactive discussions to involve the audience.

talents awake modération experte
Talents Awake - Animation de conférence

Master of Ceremonies / Speaker
(corporate events)

The “red thread” of your events: forums, seminars, conventions, prize-giving ceremonies, etc. Tailor-made meetings with all the stakeholders in your event to ensure fluidity and coherence for a unique experience in line with your strategic vision.

Even designer
(tailor-made events)

Working in partnership with the client, we have a global vision of the event’s challenges and the impact of the expected results.
We work on three levels:

  • Creating the sequence of events, coordinating the various players and stakeholders to ensure that your speakers are comfortable in preparing their speeches and sequencing the sequences.
  • Leading the team of speakers: moderators, mc, rapporteurs, artists and keynote speaker.
  • Drafting documents in the form of reports, white papers or illustrated summaries.

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