TRIBE’S Method

In a context where everything is in constant acceleration, decisions are made and unravelled at dizzying rates, sometimes leaving individuals in shock and unprepared to integrate the collateral damage of these transformations, however necessary for the survival of the company or for its expansion. In these times of upheaval, talents are able to emerge provided they are accompanied, recognized and valued. These new potentials are evolving through the reactivation of innate talents and appropriate operational and relational strategies.

The TRIBE’S Method: Team – Reconnection – Inspiration – Behaviour – Emotions – Strategy

  • A method inspired by agile approaches, constellations of organizations, principles of team cohesion, clean language and bio-dynamic animations of senses reconnection
  • An accompaniment that aims to effectively engage decision-makers, the entire managerial lines and their teams.
  • A device that takes place in contexts of profound change, crisis, construction of new organizational, relational and cultural strategies and which allows to work simultaneously at the individual and collective level.

Its vocation: to enable decision-makers, leaders and management lines to:

  • Draw their vision and the terms of their operational declination
  • Embody their values and develop an impactful and unifying communication
  • Develop their intuitive ability to find trusted support, share knowledge and power
  • Analyze the interactions of their team members and commit to changing their posture in return


1-2 hours
  • Strategic support for decision-makers, motivational and experiential conferences, Executive Coaching of the highest level.


3-4 hours
  • Understand the world of UltraPerformance and BrainShift and TRIBE'S methods. Interactive conferences and workshops for individual and collective engagement.


1 day
  • Immersive and experiential conferences, followed by facilitation workshops based on the TRIBE'S Method.


1 day and a half to 2 days
  • Immersive and experiential conferences, in-depth facilitation workshops based on TRIBE'S and BrainShift Methods, awareness of what has been achieved for a better anchor.


Two and a half days to 3 days
  • Introduction with a "head" approach, then gradually let go with the TRIBE'S approach in action, from discovery and awareness to individual and collective operational assimilation.

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