Narrative practices Conversations can shape new realities and meaning in our lives. Narrative practices are based on a practice of talking about your stories, the ones that have built you up and the ones that have hurt you, for they are each sources of development and teaching. The narrative approach has a particular look at identity and how to deal with difficulties: it encourages individuals to become authors of their lives. Narrative practices distinguish between people’s obstacles, and consider that each person has many talents, skills, beliefs, values, commitments and abilities, helping to change the relationship that he or she has with the difficulties they face. The narrative practitioner asks questions to which the answer is not honestly known, in order to transform the protagonists and events into stories of hope, change and transformation.
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Hogan has more than 30 years of experience providing cutting-edge assessment and advisory solutions to some of the world’s largest companies, including more than half of the Fortune 500. Hogan’s three 15-minute assessments are not traditional personality tests … they assess your “reputation”: how you are perceived within your organization, both in terms of your management approach and your leadership posture. All of the proposed tests are based on scientific approaches and regularly updated research to offer powerful solutions for talent management. These assessments highlight your development potential and your problem-solving ability by revealing what characterizes you:

  • when you are at your best (strengths and talents)
  • when you are in complex interactions (points of attention)
  • when your values are not respected

This inventory measures a person’s approach to decision making, their reaction to it, and their response to negative feedback. It also measures verbal and numerical reasoning.

Appreciative Inquiry is an innovative and participative method of change management that was born in the 1980s in the United States. It reveals the strengths of individuals and organizations, and integrates positive psychology to manage an individual or group training project for behavioral or organizational change. It thus facilitates putting into perspective a situation perceived as complex and allows redefining the scope of a project or giving oneself the means to reach an ambitious objective with the development of an effective and realistic action plan.

The focus of the training mobilizes attention on successes, assets and positive wills, soliciting collective, emotional and creative intelligences to promote awareness and take concrete action.

This method can be used to make an organizational diagnosis, strengthen team cohesion, and develop leadership and winning alliances.

In a context where everything is constantly accelerating, decisions are made and undone at dizzying pace, sometimes leaving individuals in shock and unprepared to integrate the collateral damage of these transformations, necessary either for the survival of the company, or to its expansion. In these periods of upheaval, talents are able to emerge provided they are supported, recognized and valued. These new potentials evolve thanks to the reactivation of innate potentials and adapted operational and relational strategies.

Our challenge

Allow you to act in conscience with these new assimilated talents, to surpass yourself with clarity and security, while maintaining the level of performance agilely necessary in your context.

The TRIBE’S Method : Team – Reconnection – Inspiration – Behaviour – Emotions – Strategy

  • A method inspired by agile approaches, organizational constellations, principles of team cohesion, “clean language” and bio-dynamic animations of reconnection to the senses.
  • This training is designed to effectively engage the decision-maker, all managerial lines and their teams.
  • A device that can be used in contexts undergoing profound change, in crisis, in the construction of new organizational, relational and cultural strategies, and which allows it to work simultaneously at the individual and collective levels.

Its vocation: to enable decision-makers, leaders and management to

  • Draw their vision and the modalities of their operational implementation
  • Embody their values and develop impactful and unifying communication
  • Develop their intuitive ability to find trustworthy support, to share their knowledge and power
  • Analyze the interactions of the members of their teams and commit to changing their attitude in return


1-2 heures
  • Accompagnement stratégique des décideurs, conférences motivationnelles et expérientielles, Executive Coaching de haut niveau.


3-4 heures
  • Appréhender l’univers de l’UltraPerformance et les méthodes BrainShift et TRIBE’S. Conférences et ateliers interactifs pour un engagement individuel et collectif.


1 jour
  • Conférences immersives et expérientielles, suivie d’ateliers de facilitation basés sur la méthode TRIBE’S.


1.5 jour à 2 jours
  • Conférences immersives et expérientielles, ateliers de facilitation approfondis basés sur les Méthodes TRIBE’S et BrainShift, prise de conscience des acquis pour un meilleur ancrage.


2.5 jours à 3 jours
  • Introduction avec une approche « de tête », puis lâcher-prise progressif avec l’approche TRIBE’S en action, depuis la découverte et la prise de conscience jusqu’à l’assimilation opérationnelle individuelle et collective.

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