Placing Alliances at the center of strategic issues

enables organizations and their ecosystems

to be transformed in a sustainable, committed and responsible way.

In 2015, when Léocadie Ebakissé founded Talents Awake, her observation was clear: the organizations’ management methods were still limited by a binary vision. When taking up a new position, facing career development, managing a crisis, launching an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial project, reflexes were often focused on the evaluation of the leadership style, restricted to “masculine” or “feminine”. With, at the heart of the reflection, the need to make no ‘waves’.

However, what if, in order to face the challenges of the 21st century, the old methods were obsolete? What if leaders and executives decided to leave behind the shackles of male or female leadership to fully consider the individual’s potential, the sum of his or her experiences, and that everything was put at the service of a project?

"I invite you to explore a third path: the Leadership of Alliances©. When freeing ourselves from gender and focusing on competence, experience, failures and successes, projects go fast and far and have considerable impact."

(Forbes France, 2022).

For almost 10 years, Léocadie has been experimenting with this Leadership of Alliances© through her coaching programs for executives, organizations and business schools in Europe, Africa and Canada. Since the pandemic, which itself has created a real crisis of meaning within companies, there has been a growing demand: how can we encourage employee initiatives and support them in their development? How to (re)engage teams with the company’s vision and project, and how to make them real stakeholders? In short, how can we put the quality of human relationships back at the center of the collective dynamic, to serve performance and the well-being of everyone?

By proposing an approach that is resolutely unifying, inclusive and universal, Talents Awake is betting on the Alliance and on a leadership that frees itself from genders, cultures and origins, in order to focus on skills and talents to serve a collective project.

By offering a tailor-made coaching program, specifically created for managers, executives and entrepreneurs, we are able to help them with their transformational strategies and the development of their influence. Our challenge: to enable them to create a lasting impact within their ecosystems.

Alter Ego© ​

Since 2022, through the ALTER EGO© Talk show Léocadie has been interviewing women leaders and men allies who have adhered to this approach and who integrate the fundamentals of the Leadership of Alliances© into their vision and management. Every month, they talk about their experiences, their questions and the virtues of this posture, for themselves and for their organization, in an intimate setting.

Discover the key themes of the Leadership of Alliances©:


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