Founder and CEO of Talents Awake


A woman of vision and commitment, Léocadie Ebakissé has many strings to her bow and constantly juggles between her two professions: consulting in transformational strategies, through coaching and training, and the promotion of leaders and their organizations, through the animation of international events

Léocadie Ebakissé - Speaker Talents awake

Born in Egypt to a Cameroonian father and a Gabonese mother, Léocadie grew up between Europe, Africa and America and discovered the richness of cultural differences. Her travels and encounters led her to build a plural identity in international and mixed environments, an identity that has always nourished her commitment. Perfectly trilingual (French, English and Spanish), Léocadie started her career in a large real estate press group and quickly evolved in recruitment, career management, training, consulting, HR development and facilitation. With 20 years of experience within large corporations, she founded Talents Awake in 2015, a consulting agency specializing in transformational strategies and influence development, where she created the concept of Leadership of Alliances®.

Léocadie is the author of the book L’Énergie de l’Ambition (to be published in 2024), and co-produces and hosts the original programs ALTER EGO©, Inspiring Entrepreneurs© and Transmissions, each of which questions the notions of leadership, alliances and education.

Driven by a dynamic centered on the notions of Transformation, Transmission and Influence, Léocadie trains leaders and executives in Europe, Africa and Canada in the conduct and facilitation of their strategic transformations. As a certified Executive Coach and Trainer, she advises large corporations as well as small and medium-sized businesses and international non-profits. Léocadie also lectures in major schools and international campuses to raise awareness and train the young leaders of tomorrow.

Léocadie is the first black woman to be awarded the Professional Master of Ceremonies label. She is an expert moderator and facilitator for international corporate and institutional events, both in person and online. She facilitates round tables, debates and panels to allow leaders and their organizations to promote their projects and vision, and thus benefit as many people as possible. By appropriating different environments and practices, she is particularly involved in projects dedicated to diaspora issues, entrepreneurship and economic diplomacy.

In order to promote large-scale impact projects on the three continents, Léocadie co-produces and hosts original TV shows and podcasts, where managers, leaders and allies testify about their commitment and the way alliances are built and evolve within their ecosystems.



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