The Power of Alliance

“I invite you to explore a third path: the Leadership of Alliances©. When freeing ourselves from gender and focusing on competence, experience, failures and successes, projects go fast and far and have considerable impact.”

Placing Alliances at the center of strategic issues enables organizations and their ecosystems to be transformed in a sustainable, committed and responsible way.


My expertise



I coach managers, leaders and entrepreneurs as well as organizations (companies, charities, schools) in their transformational strategies, through 4 unique training experiences.


I develop the influence of leaders and their organizations through the creation of original TV shows and podcasts, as well as moderating tailor-made events.

Executive Coach and Certified Trainer, my experience and expertise allow me to quickly decode a complex organization and bring simple and effective solutions, both individual and collective. In turn, these evolutions and transformations will evolve towards a stable and sustainable future.

As a woman of the world with a passion for conversations, I believe in highlighting differences and singularities, in discovering oneself and others, in a process of individual evolution and collective transformation. I want to promote these Talents and Alliances through the animation and expert moderation of international corporate and institutional events, and through the creation of original programs.

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