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We live in chaotic times that require us to adapt, surpass ourselves and constantly discover new resources from within. It is essential to take care of ourselves by reconnecting with each other. Sharing, discovering, laughing, being moved, supporting each other, helping each other, listening to each other, co-constructing… and reconnecting with the pleasure to feel how rich we are in these moments of privileged communion!

For that reason, I have imagined an exploratory journey in the company of the Talents of the world.

Let’s meet every three weeks, on Thursday and take some “time for yourself”. (Yes, in your diary, schedule “me time”!) A break to recharge your batteries at your own pace according to your needs, your questions and your desires

To accompany you, I will share with you my inspirations, my tips, my favorites, my news and more surprises… An opportunity to discover high-impact projects through the testimonials of inspiring personalities. It’s also an opportunity to listen to the voices that outline the paths that you may dare to take, personally or professionally, and awaken your own talents.

Behind this proposal lies a real ambition: reconnecting you with each other, from idea to idea, from project to project, from talent to talent, from continent to continent. In this way, we’ll be able to weave, over the months and years, webs, frescoes and stories of common evolutions, creating a community of active international Talents.

So, shall we start this journey together?

Let’s Get Higher Together!


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