Nouveau talk show  ALTER EGO©

The new talk show ALTER EGO©

You’re probably familiar with the concept of the glass ceiling, but are you familiar with the glass cliff? You know, the idea that tends to appoint women to positions of power just as the ship is sinking?

Talents Awake partners with the engaging and inspiring media outlet Upendo to understand why and, more specifically, to question the proven correlation between equal gender representation and better business performance. Do women make better leaders? And in the end, does leadership have a specific gender, culture, border?

We offer a third way: the Alliances Leadership©.

Once a month, ALTER EGO© gives the floor to women leaders and men allies who are constantly (re)shaping a reinvented female leadership.

A 30-minute talk-show during which politicians, business leaders, sportsmen and women, artists, scientists… shed light on their career path, what drives them and what guides them, their inspirations and role models and share, in an informal and intimate setting, their vision of female leadership and the strategies of connection and alliance which, in their opinion, contribute to this reinvented leadership.

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