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Supporting transformations in practices and cultures involves first having an inventory. Talents Awake offers you an audit of your organization carried out by an AFNOR certified auditor, or an audit of team operations with Appreciative Inquiry (AI). At the end of these steps, we can change the dynamics of the organization with Hogan Assessment, and by relying on the Tribe’s Method, collective intelligence and narrative practices

Design & event planning

Preparation of Guest speakers and panelists

Creation of the common thread in the choice of topics to highlight the main theme

Coordination of all key messages

Collection and adaptation of speakers’ biographies

Writing of protocols interview with panelists

Animation of press and media relations

Production of panel summaries (rapporteur)

Management of relations with VIP sponsors</ span>

Maître de Cérémonie labellisée, Modératrice experte
Talents Awake - Animation de conférence

Bring unique coloring to events, enrich knowledge and prepare the public to receive the different messages. The Master of Ceremonies guarantees the smooth running of the event and the cohesion of the group throughout the event.


Creating a space of discovery and learning in which the creation of links, curiosity, the joy of discovery and inspiration combine, that’s all the intention that drives me when I create conferences for you. They can be centered on a subject or animated with recreational workshops which stimulate your senses, construct and deconstruct the meaning of the theme to better dimension the essence of the project. The conference is a moment of conviviality, sharing and individual and collective reflection. Beyond the subject, I invite you to contact me to co-construct the approach and the experience that you wish to provide to your colleagues.

An example: Conference “Transmitting to Apprentis’Sages”


Facilitators, trainers, HR, Decision-makers


  • Create a learning experience through an immersive journey: posture, expression and individual dynamics & collective (TRIBE’S Method)
  • Understanding adult learning methods
  • Be aware of personal commitment in the service of group dynamics


  • Life Journey and Transformation: reconnecting to our roots, to our unique individual style to impact
  • Agree to learn from the “Ancients”: legacy of inspiring figures (anchored vision)
  • Create your “footprint” and dare to impact your environment


  • Format: 60 minutes
  • Number of participants: between 30 and 50


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