Enable decision-makers and leaders to more easily and quickly achieve their professional and personal objectives, through an approach that respects their deep nature, their needs and their aspirations. Three-level interventions (strategic facilitation, high-stakes speeches, evolving position) and creative combinations to find the best solutions and enrich development and evolution experiences.
This collective format makes it possible to effectively address complex issues by activating the power of collective intelligence, on the themes of leadership and management.
  • 3 Possible formats: 6 weeks / 6 months / 13 months with adapted inter-sessions
  • Long-term results: strengthened autonomy, collective intelligence tools, the group becomes a sustainable support for development
  • Comprehensive work on mindset and the relationship to oneself, to the other, to the group. Also, the complex system at the service of the project
  • Proven methods and approaches: a combination of our expertise tailored-to-your-need
  • Executives, consultants, entrepreneurs.
  • Aligning posture and global communication
  • Improving interpersonal relationships
  • Developing creativity in transformation
  • Align its values with the challenges and the mission of the organization
  • In presence and online
  • Classic Coaching: with or without HOGAN test
  • Coaching flash: 1 session of 1 hour
  • Strategic Decision-making Facilitation Coaching (HOGAN test): 4 hours
  • Military Leaders, CODIR, COMEX and Project Management
  • Creating a powerful and sustainable group dynamic
  • Encouraging engagement
  • Putting down realistic and functional action plans
  • Co-write transformation strategy and associated action plans
  • Changing posture and communication
  • In presence support and possible online follow-up (modalities to be defined according to group size)
  • Classic process: 5 to 10 sessions of 3 hours spaced from 3 to 4 weeks apart
  • Flash Coaching and Co-Development Process: 1 session of 2 hours
  • Coaching process – strategic facilitation (decision makers): 4 hours
In this innovative and systemic approach, the horse becomes a “tool” that highlights the patterns of classical functioning, and raises awareness at the level of emotional and relational intelligence in everyday situations, at the service of its natural leadership development. FOR WHOM?
  • Decision-makers, Executive Committee, Staff, Project and Management Lines Committee, contractors
  • Getting to know each other better: powerful awareness of how you work, how you react, how you relate to others and yourself
  • To mirror its deep nature, to better understand its reactions and patterns of functioning
  • Manage your relationship to failure, frustration and develop your ability to stay focused and present in all its interactions
  • Themed and tailor-made courses in partnership with an equestrian centre, involving both individual and collective exercises:
  • Integrated into a classic coaching course
  • 1-day discovery formula
  • 2-day thematic sessions or retreats
MY DEFINITION OF MENTORING An exploratory journey and a powerful transformation process, where an experienced or qualified person (the mentor) works with someone who wishes to progress in a field or improve their skills in a specific context (the mentee). The mentoring relationship combines the transfer of knowledge (expertise and soft skills), goodwill and trust between the mentor and the mentee. The mentor offers his/her time, provides advice to help the mentee progress in his project, supports him/her by transmitting his/her visions and his/her expertise to move him forward with efficiency and clarity. MY VISION OF MENTORING Having a great and innovative idea is not good enough! Mentoring is a prelude to a long exploratory learning path that must build an entrepreneurial identity, a steel mind and an agile mindset. This development path is demanding and needs a strong discipline. It guarantees the development of your project, objectivity and the conversion of its failures into development opportunities, through the design of new strategies and the development of a solid network. HOW?
  • Training and mental development
  • Jury and awards ceremony
  • Support for face-to-face and digital mentee pathways

The HOGAN test

Hogan has more than 30 years of experience delivering cutting-edge consulting and assessment solutions to some of the world’s largest companies, including more than half of Fortunes 500 companies. Hogan’s three 15-minute inventory are not standard personality tests: they assess your “reputation”: how you are perceived within your organization, both on your management approach and your leadership posture. The HOGAN inventory is based on regularly updated scientific approaches and research to provide powerful talent management solutions. These assessments highlight your development potential and problem-solving ability by revealing what characterizes you:

  • when you are at your best (strengths and talents)
  • when you are in complex interactions (points of attention)
  • when your values are not respected

This test measures your approach to decision-making, your response to the decision-making process, and your response to negative comments. It also measures verbal and numerical reasoning.


How are we going to work together? The test is a real plus if you want to be more aware of how you:

  • act when taking a job in a new company
  • prepare your appointment on a management committee or executive committee
  • develop your leadership and management approaches

This will allow you to have a better understanding of your ability to question yourself, to learn, to adapt and to decide. We will take a moment to debrief your tests and at the end of this discussion, we will be able to carry out a tailored coaching in relation to your challenges.

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