SEE 010223 Webinaire - Santé en Entreprise

Webinar – Santé en Entreprise

At a time when leaders are speaking out and some of them are sharing their own experiences with illness, such as the #WorkingWithCancer initiative, health is increasingly recognized as a key issue for organizations.

How can we ensure the well-being of our employees and build a framework conducive to trust and dialogue? How can I, as a manager, commit to integrating health into my CSR commitments and actions? How can I develop my corporate strategy in line with the SDGs?

This Thursday, February 2, I will be with SANTE EN ENTREPRISE (SEE) for the launch of the association’s 2023-2025 action plan. I am very happy to see Talents Awake as a partner of this particularly ambitious and unique project, both in the approach chosen and in the deployment of solutions in the field, in Europe, Africa and Overseas. An ambition that places the alliance at the center of the actions, a real desire to pool know-how and capitalize on local and international expertise, in the service of a collective project.

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