For the past 5 years, I have been coaching engineering students at ESME SUDRIA on the theme of project and people management. It is always important for me to offer them quality time with high added value so that they can use the learning process well beyond purely technical notions. Especially since this personal development sequence usually takes place the week after the exams and the students are very tired.

We spend a week together so that at the end of this minor, they know how to value the men and women of their projects, crises and performance that prevents burnout while promoting fulfillment within their future teams. They live a life-size learning experience as project leaders, decision-makers and collaborators. They create projects and move others forward. This year, the experience was conducted in full virtual mode, and they had the honor of previewing the Zephir project at the end of Marc Amerigo’s conference. The format did not alter their commitment and enthusiasm, and some of them will even be able to join this adventure in June 2021

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