Tropics business summit 2020

The pandemic will have had the better of our face-to-face events, and will have created a powerful shock wave, but it will not have had the better of our desire to move forward and to continue to meet to advance the issues through the virtual world.

Venicia Guinot had the good idea to strengthen the network of active Afro-descendants involved in the continent and to carry out a 4-day online event with a tour de force in terms of organization, mobilization of actors in the four corners of the globe and simultaneous broadcasts on you tube, facebook and on the Tropics channel. A real tour de force and innovation to create a solid global network of reflections, highlights and successful partnerships.

I had the pleasure of speaking on the theme of “women’s empowerment, an essential condition for sustainable development“. It emerged from this exchange that women have developed many actions on the continent before the pandemic and during this pandemic. They have also capitalized on winning practices, a new form of leadership is emerging, it transcends cultural codes, strengthens sisterhood and it also involves working on the foundations of an alliance and a partnership between men and women.